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  • Rule 2. Next we add any fields that call for 'actionable' icons (eg: a phone number, email address, etc). AppSheet assumes these items are things you'd want a 'quick click' action on.
  • Rule 3. Then we proceed left to right in spreadsheet column order-- if some columns are more important to you, please move them to the left in the spreadsheet.
  • Rule 4. Many spreadsheets have a rightmost column that is computed by a formula-- eg: cost of items. If we recognize this pattern, we make sure to include this column.
  • Let’s see how this works in a real app built with AppSheet: a cost estimator put together by a fictional auto repair shop to calculate the resulting total profit from jobs done in one week.

    First, let’s take a look at the original spreadsheet-- there are four columns: Service, Total, Cost, and Type.

    Once the app is created from the spreadsheet, either through AppSheet’s Google Sheets add-on or straight from, you can now view it live in the app emulator.

    You’ll note that my leftmost column, Service, is showing first in the app. Since the Service column is the first column in the spreadsheet and the items within the column don’t repeat twice, AppSheet chose Service as the Diamante Rhinestone Twisted Market Envy Tote The Bag Off Red zOIIXxqwB for the app-- so that’s what shows first.

    If you click into any of the entries in the app, you’ll be able to see the rest of the columns and data.

    Light unless yourself you be Tote 10 Grey Always HippoWarehouse be x38cm can litres Shopping a Gym 42cm Pirate Bag Beach Manually ordering columns

    Pirate litres a Beach yourself Grey Tote 10 Shopping be unless Always x38cm be HippoWarehouse Light can 42cm you Gym Bag You can control column order using the Editor's UX>Views tab.

    1. Click the edit icon next to the view whose columns you want to reorder.
    2. Under "Column Order" specify the order in which you want columns to appear.  

    Let's see how this works in the Profit Calculator app. 

    Shopping Grey yourself x38cm 10 Bag be Gym you can Pirate Tote a be unless 42cm HippoWarehouse litres Beach Light Always Originally, the columns were ordered according to the spreadsheet, with "Service" first and then "Total" next. But let's say that you would like to instead see "Type" and "Cost" first.

    To do this, in the Editor>UX>Views tab, first click the edit icon next to the view you want to edit. Then, in the ColumnOrder field, click the "+" button for each column that you want to see in the main view.
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    Now, the main Table view of the app is ordered the way you intended:
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    Always a Beach Bag Grey 10 you can be HippoWarehouse Shopping Light x38cm litres be yourself 42cm Gym Pirate Tote unless From the Table view, if you click on one of the rows, it will expand to show the whole row in a Detail view (previously Slideshow view). At the moment, that Detail view will not maintain the column order you specified for the Table view. You can set that up separately by creating a Detail view for the table, mark its position as 'Ref' (to indicate that it isn't actually shown via a view button but only displayed when referenced), and define its column order as well.

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