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01220501 The Clip The Bridge Havana Men Money Wally Bridge Chapter 5 - Audit objectives and evidence

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Bridge The Money The Men Clip Havana 01220501 Bridge Wally Wally The Bridge 01220501 Clip The Men Havana Money Bridge The key concepts of this chapter:

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The Bridge Havana Men 01220501 Bridge The Clip Wally Money The Concept of Audit Assertions

The 5 assertions are

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Audit Evidence

To be sure that their are no material misstatements, the auditor gathers evidence. According to auditing standards, there are two types of evidence, which are further explained on p. 150, Figure 5-2.

How much evidence does the auditor need? Auditing standards are very clear on this. You must have sufficient compentent evidential matter for a reasonable basis for an opinion.

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Audit Procedures

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Audits are conducted in various phases. In each phase, certain procedures are often used.

Obtain understanding of internal control

Tests of controls

Substantive tests

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