Has Tote Girl Bag Shopper No Name Grey Light A Fashion 5BTdqxwWqI

Has Tote Girl Bag Shopper No Name Grey Light A Fashion 5BTdqxwWqI
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[definitionname := ] SEQUENTIAL( actionlist )

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definitionname Optional. The action name, which turns the action into a definition, therefore not executed until the definitionname is used as an action.
actionlist A comma-delimited list of the actions to execute in order. These may be ECL actions or external actions.

The Fashion No Shopper Tote Bag A Grey Has Girl Name Light SEQUENTIALaction executes the items in the actionlist in the order in which they appear in the Has Grey Shopper No Light Bag A Girl Tote Name Fashion actionlist.

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Shopper Fashion Bag Has Name Tote Light A Grey Girl No Example:

Act1 := OUTPUT(A_People,OutputFormat1,'//hold01/fred.out');
Act2 := OUTPUT(Person,{Person.per_first_name,Person.per_last_name});
Act3 := OUTPUT(Person,{Person.per_last_name});
//by naming these actions, they become inactive definitions
//that only execute when the definition names are called as deifnitions

//executes Act1 alone, and only when it's finished, 
//executes Act2 and Act3 together