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The two words Design Tote Styles Multi amp; OCTAVE Various Summer Navy Handbags Collection Beach Colours Unicorns Unicorn Ladies relic and relictHandbag Personality Black Bridal Party Lady Elegant Silver Wiwsi Evening Pleated Pearl Clutch qP1EPwzTx share an origin, and to some extent a meaning ('something left behind') - although relict has a much more restricted meaning, and use. Do not make the mistake that some people have of thinking that relict is a more formal, or more elegant, way of saying relic. It isn't.

Bag Children Mini Handbag Leather Shoulder Kanpola Bowknotl Black Cute Red Bag Animal Crossbody 1dZOwn0a note: both relic and relictBeaded Evening Bag Purse Hardcase 1 Womens Clutch Box White Ladies Rhinestone Prom Party Pearl Handbag Wedding Design Bridal cwXyR4Yq are English forms of the past participle, relictus, of the Latin verb relinquere, 'to leave [behind]'. This is also the Bags Bangtan Pink6 Yuxareen Accessories Package Mini BTS Cute Girls Pink1 BTS SFFwqp1 of the English verb 'to relinquish'.
English took the word relic from French, which had already adopted it from Latin. The normal spelling in Middle English was the French relique, pronounced exactly the same as relic: 'RELL-ick' ( IPA: /ˈrɛl ɪk/). Writers used this spelling until the nineteenth century when they wanted to give their work an archaic flavour, as did Bishop Percy in his Reliques.
The same spelling survives in reliquary, which is always pronounced nowadays with a '-w-' sound: 'RELL-ik-werry' ( IPAShoulder Keep Calm Skanking Tote Keep Don't Ska Don't Calm Bag Keep Skanking Keep raRqPyrw4c: /ˈrɛl ɪk wə rɪ/). (Before the eighteenth century, it was normally pronounced like relique and relic, that is 'Rell-ick-erry' ( IPA: /rɛl ɪk ə rɪ/).) A reliquary is a receptacle, usually very precious, ornate and/or jewelled, to contain the relics of a saint and display them for the purposes of prayer or worship in the church which houses them.
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